Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Summing It Up

In today's Star Tribune, fair spokesperson Brianna Schuette said this about the Minnesota State Fair:

"It's something that people can come back to every year. There's going to be something new, they know there's going to be something that feels like home and it bookends summer before the kids go back to school and the weather gets cool."

State Fair 2012 - Attendance

State Fair attendance hit 1,788,512 this year. The record was set in 2009 at 1,790,497 which is a difference of just 1,985 people.

Monday, September 3, 2012

State Fair 2012 - Labor Day

Well, it's Labor Day. That means it's the last day of the Fair for 2012. I'm really disappointed that we didn't make it for a second visit but I guess there's always next year. Here's to the Minnesota State Fair for 2013!

Note: The above picture was photo shopped to look like a painting from I shot I took at the Fair on August 24, 2012. Looks pretty good if I do say so myself...

State Fair 2012 - Amy

We walked by Amy Klobachar's booth and I noticed that although there were a few people working the stand there was not a single person gathered outside it. Dale said that Amy had literally left just minutes before we walked by and the crowd was dispersed. Here's a photo I found of a busier moment with Amy speaking from the booth. Amy Klobachar is the daughter of former Star Tribune columnist Jim Klobachar. I read his column growing up.